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What Your Business Misses By Not Having a Website

Think you can get away without setting up a website? As a business owner, you need to think again. Here’s what every business owner misses by not having one and why you need professional web design.

An Online Business Card

Your website is practically your online business card. Whether it’s a standalone, one-page landing zone or a multi-page, multi-domain site that’s regularly updated, you will miss out on potential customers. Some people will only ever check online for stores that suit their needs. If you’re not there, then they’re not going to find you.

The Chance to Impress

First impressions count, even for businesses. If you want to land new clients or customers, you need to get in front of their eyes with something impressive and modern. Just being on Facebook or being available on Yelp isn’t enough. People need to be wowed by your Home and About pages. They need to feel like they are valued by you, and only your website helps to draw them in that way.

Ability to Rank Well in Google

You may not have a website, but your competitors do. They’re able to set up SEO on their pages to make sure they rank for the phrases customers are searching for. Without a website you won’t get the chance to rank for them. You won’t be there when they go looking for you, and your competition will get all your business.

Your Unpaid Employee

Think of your website as one of your employees, one who is always greeting your customers with helpful information and in a friendly tone even when your business is closed. Your website never sleeps, is online 24/7 365, ready and waiting for someone to stop by so it can try and upsell products, connect with your customers, or promote brand awareness.

What all the above have in common is sales – you’re missing out on people spending money on you and your products instead of your competitors. Do you really want to miss out on thousands in profits for the sake of a website?

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