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Why WooCommerce is the best platform for your online store!

One of the many challenges you will face as you try to set up your online store is what platform do you go with? Do you choose WooCommerce, Magento, or Shopify? This blog post tells you why WooCommerce is best for your online store.

First things first WooCommerce and Magento are really similar to each other as they are both open source products that the user can build on to customise their website, but Shopify can be pretty proprietary and limits what you can do.

Starting up and running a business is a hard task so you don't want your online shop to be difficult to set up or use.

When setting up with any of these products you must consider what you are going to need in the future, Magento and WooCommerce use a freemium model whereas Shopify starts at £9 a month. WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento offer plugins for your store; some are free while others you'll have to pay for so bear in mind which plugins you will need in the future as this could be costly.

Even if you don’t already have a WordPress site, WooCommerce is perfect for beginners. WordPress is so easy to use and WooCommerce is simply an extension of that. Customising your site through WordPress is really simple due to the number of plugins available.

WooCommerce has a lot of other features:

  • Offers coupon codes
  • Free plugins
  • Has powerful and advanced order editing features
  • Unlimited products and categories
  • Basic shipping and payment options can be changed and expanded.

WooCommerce has a lot of resources and it powers 34% of online stores. Because WooCommerce uses WordPress as its platform there is a wide range of themes for you to choose from as well.

All of our eCommerce websites are powered by WooCommerce as we find its simple and straightforward for all our clients to use and maintain while also being scalable.

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